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All grounds are open at clubs' discretion except Annangrove Park


Aussie T ball is on
Hi MiniBallers, it's the last week this week, so come along rain, hail or shine. The presentation will take place in the club room if it's raining. Coach Steve.


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Welcome to THE Kolts website

Home of the Kolts baseball club. Our ground is OPEN

Kellyville Grounds are Smoke Free

Amendments have been made to the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 to make PUBLIC SPORTS GROUNDS totally SMOKE FREE. The Executive Committee at KBClub ask all members and visitors to adhere to these laws and refrain from smoking whilst at KBClub grounds. Thankyou for your assistance in meeting these new requirements.

Dave 22/11/2013

New Fan Gear

When you bring your Players to all Pre-Season functions, make sure you stop by the Fan Gear Shop. You can't be caught dead NOT wearing the RED!

Ange 08/08/2013

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Richard 7/12/2012

Kellyville Kolts Baseball Club

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